Baby Demogorgon Pocket Poppet

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The Upside Down just got a little cuter. Demogorgons aren't quite as scary when you see them as a baby, right? Yes, it can sit up on its own - and is the perfect addition to any Dungeons & Dragons or Upside Down collection!

This adorable Baby Demogorgon Pocket Poppet is a collaboration with Freak + Pocky. Each of the Freak + Pocky pocket Poppets are handcrafted in Kentucky from 100% acrylic, and this Baby Demogorgon measures approximately 5" tall & 3.5" wide.

Instructions for Care: Give your Poppet collectible lots of love because each one is made with 100% acrylic yarn and can be spot cleaned with a damp cloth + soapy water, and then air dried.

You will geek out over the kawaii features of each Freak + Pocky Poppet - and will want to collect them all! Merge genres + blend fictional characters with your favorite anime or video game! From the gamer to your favorite nerdling, they are sure to have a Poppet collectible that you + everyone you know will love. Be sure to check out their other Poppets available at!

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