Meet the Makers

Hi there!
We are Nell & Kelly, the mother-daughter maker duo behind DeBoop Shop.
For over 30 years we have been crafting together and dreaming of opening our own little crafty shop together. In June 2014, that dream came true when we opened our shop on Etsy selling our ribbon key fobs. After some requests for personalized key fobs, we started doing more embroidery and adding some of our favorite items - like our play masks and hair accessories.
And now with over 300 mask choices - we've become a popular place during Halloween. Especially when those kiddos make their last minute costume changes!

Meet Nell

Nell is the creative muscle behind the shop, making each and every accessory by hand and battling her perfectionism with each stitch. She has been crafty in many ways for pretty much her entire life, but sewing has always been her one true crafting love. When she isn’t stitching up our favorite accessories, she spends quality time with her book writing husband.
  • Dream Pet: Miniature Dachshund           
  • Superhero of Choice: Superman
  • Must Have Craft Tool: Scissors
  • Favorite Color: Purple
  • Must Watch Movie: After all these years, I would still have to say Gone With the Wind

Meet Kelly

Kelly joined forces with Nell to use her internet super powers for good. At first it was to step in as the social media guru, but now you will find her doing some of the embroidery designs & helping out during the mask season rush. When she's not working on that next exclusive DeBoop Shop mask design - she is usually playing games with her woodworking husband, snuggling up with her goofy Coonhound, or doing something else crafty.

  • Dream Pet: White Lion or Great Dane
  • Superhero of Choice: Can't really pick just one, but I'm a Marvel fan. But I love Wonder Woman too!
  • Must Have Craft Tool: Crochet Hooks
  • Favorite Color: Pink & Teal
  • Must Watch Movie: Wreck-It Ralph & How To Train Your Dragon 2